Light Safety Hooks

Avoid accidents: keep cables and hoses out of harm’s way with safetyhooks

Cablesafe® hooks are applied in maintenance and construction as safety product to suspend cables off the work floor.

Benefits Safety Hook Light Hangers

  • Designed to be hung from scaffolding, cable trays, ceiling grids and other overhead features
  • Ideal for holding up temporary lighting
  • Holds 9 x 110v artic cable
  • Can also be fixed to walls

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CableSafe Safety Hook Shook light

CableSafe Safety Hook Shook light

Safety Hook Light Patches

  • can hold up to 6 x 110v artic cables
  • two options of adhesive available
  • no tools required to fit

Grade 1 – unfinished surfaces
heavy duty adhesive foam backing (steel, concrete and timber)
max load 2 kg

Grade 2 – finished surfaces
damage / residue-free backing (plastered walls, drywall and glass)
max load 1 kg

Safety Wall Hooks

  • Perfect for long corridors and creating drop down points
  • Use on walls and ceilings
  • Holds 9 x 110v artic cables
  • Space every 2 meters
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CableSafe Safety Hook Shook light