Heavy Duty Cable Guards

Avoid tripping accidents and damaged cables by using heavy duty Cable Guards & Covers to cover walk and driveways

Heavy duty Cable guards protect electrical cables & hoses. It reduces tripping accidents and protects cables & hoses against traffic, which reduces wear and tear and increases the. Cable life-span significantly. Guards reduce electrical shock risk when cables and hoses are exposed to outdoor elements. Cable guards are an ideal safety tool to prevent slips, trips and falls. The lightweight guards are designed for heavy duty usage. CableSafe® guards are the most cost-effective cable guard solution designed to protect with quality materials. Outdoor cable ramps cater for a variety of needs.

cablesafe heavy duty cable guard

Heavy duty Cable protection

Heavy duty Cable Guards creates a trip free walkway which reduces slips, trips and falls from clusters of cables and hoses. CableSafe® guards provide protection against outdoor elements. The lighter weight cable ramps are the most cost-effective cable guard ramps specially designed for heavy duty usage with quality materials. The cable guards have a 2 year warrenty under normal operating conditions

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cablesafe heavy duty cable guard cablesafe heavy duty cable guard cablesafe heavy duty cable guard cablesafe heavy duty cable guard


2 channel

 3 channel small

3 channel

5 channel

Price € 40 € 50 €80 € 75

Non-conductive, UV stabilised Thermoplastic Polyurethane = much lighter and more durable vs rubber

Dimensions (mm):

(l)1000 x (w)250 x (h)45

(l)900 x (w)300 x (h)45

(l) 900 x (w) 500 x (h)75

(l) 900 x (w) 500 x (h)50


4 kg  5 kg 12.7 kg (35% lighter than the rubber version) 9.8 kg (40% lighter than the rubber version)

Channel Dimensions (mm):

(w)35 x (h) 30

 (w)30 x (h) 35

(w)65 x (h)55

4 channels (w)34 x (h) 36 + 1 Centre (w) 40 x (h) 36

Weight loading NATA laboratory tested per tire for 5 minutes:





Laboratory Fail Load





Applications Include: Oil and Gas industry, Chemical Industry, Traffic Management, Maritime and Offshore, Construction, Factories & Workshops, Mining, Entertainment Industry, Aircraft Maintenance, Utility Companies

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heavy duty cable guards; durable; polyurethane

Advantages of heavy duty cable guards

  • Polyurethane: Lightweight design for heavy duty use. Lighter, stronger and more durable than comparable products
  • Uses hinged lid to make adding/changing cables very quick and easy
  • Very low profile design decreases trip risk significantly compared to other higher profile products
  • Identical size allows progressive upgrade for existing customers.
  • Connecting System: integrated male-female allowing any length to be achieved
  • Patented 5 bar tread surface provides maximum traction.
    Inbuilt carry handle makes it easier to carry one lightweight unit in each hand
  • Cost-effective / economic
  • 2 year warrenty


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