Manhole Entry Confined Space Barrier

Avoid Confined Space accidents

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Ideal for securing the entrance / exit to large storage facilities, tanks or pipes where bolts are used to secure it in place.

Manhole Entry Confined Space Barrier restricts access of manhole. Made of robust materials and easy to install. Custom size possible. Produced in the Netherlands. Also available in explosion proof version.

Manhole Entry Confined Space Barrier characteristics

  • Provide OSHA required warnings
  • Halt unauthorized entry
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra durable
  • Guard against weather & debris
  • Prevent infestation

Confined Space Entry Dangers

  • A ‘confined space’ refers to an area that is large enough for a worker to enter, but has limited or restricted means for entry or exit
  • In addition to any hazards present from the configuration of the confined space, potential dangers could include low oxygen, chemical exposures, fall hazards, temperature extremes and toxic gases, all of which can cause serious injury or death for workers entering the space.
  • Each year, multiple injuries and even deaths occur around the world due to confined space entry incidents.

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CableSafe Manhole Entry Confined Space BarrierCableSafe Manhole Entry Confined Space Barrier

CableSafe Manhole Entry Confined Space Barrier