ATEX certified lights for working in confined spaces

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Cablesafe® offers lighting special designed for working in confined spaces. These flashlights have at least IP67 and atex classificaton. The lamps have at least a long lasting battery and low recharge times, while have enough lumen.


Confined Space Entry Portable Lights


Portable atex lights Portable atex lights Portable atex lights
Model CBLS CPL-101 CBLS CPL-102 CBLS CP – 201
Dimensions 215 mm x 120 mm x 125 mm 120 mm  x 63 mm x 54 mm  156 mm x 35 mm x 35 mm
Weight 1.1 kg 0.40 kg  0.19 kg
type of lamp 3 high luminous Cree LED’s 1 high luminous Cree LED  OSRAM/cree LED
Lumes up to 200 up to 100  up to 143
Battery life Full power: 6 hours, low power: 12 hours Full power: 4.5 hours, low power: 15 hours  Full power: 18 hours, low power: 9 hours
Charge time 5.5 hours 2.5 hours  6 hours
Product sheet Product sheet Product sheet
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ATEX hand lamp CPL-101

The CBLS CPL-101 is the latest in high-powered ATEX hand lamps. The lamp is equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH battery offering continuous operating time of more than seven hours. The shock resistant IP66 enclosure is manufactured completely of antistatic plastic and aluminum. Product sheet


ATEX hand lamp CPL-102

CBLS CPL-102-is an all-purpose high quality handlamp specially designed for use in explosion hazardous areas and in the harshest conditions. Thanks to the ergonomic dual-mode switch, the user can choose between long operating time and extreme light output. Robust, anti-static construction with tempered 5mm lens,The CBLS CPL-102 floats if dropped in water. Product sheet


ATEX hand lamp CP – 201

High-strength aluminum alloy housing is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable and secure grip, is hard anodized according to military 1standard for extreme resistance to abrasion and corrosion, IP68.
Made of top famous LED source Cree/Osram, high efficacy, long lifespan, maintenance free. Product sheet