Dropped Object Prevention working on height Toolbox

Prevent dropped object by store tools at height

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Tool Chest has an extra large capacity of 240 litres. It features innovative top aluminium rails, allowing materials to be strapped to the top of the chest. The tool chest has an IP65 rated water seal for protection against the elements and has heavy-duty metal latches and hinges for added durability. Its 7. 5in rubber wheels allow easy manoeuvrability.

Features dropped object prevention toolbox:

  • 240l Capacity Tool Chest
  • Aluminium Rails For Strapping Materials on top
  • IP65 Waterseal
  • Wide Telescopic Handle
  • 7.5″ Diameter Rubber Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Hinges and Latches

Specifications dropped object toolbox:

Capacity – 240 litres
Weight – 15.5Kg
Dimensions – 590 x 990 x 620mm


cablesafe dropped object prevention toolbox

cablesafe dropped object prevention toolbox