Dropped object prevention guards

Improve work safety by preventing dropped objects with guards

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When working at heights, dropped tools can pose a significant safety hazard. This is especially important in the oil and gas industry and ocean rigs, where elevated work areas are common. Dropped objects are a common contributor to accidents in both onshore and offshore facilities.

CableSafe dropped objects prevention significantly reduces the risk of dropped objects. This is the best drop safe equipment on the market.

Cablesafe dropped object prevention guard stair

Cablesafe dropped object prevention guard stair

Dropped object prevention on stairs

Objects to consider with potential to cause accidents are hand tools, tools or equipment left behind after a task, or equipment mounted in an elevated location that has the potential to fall due to movement or environmental conditions.

Eliminating the potential for dropped object accidents is an important part of any safety program. And while everyone knows dropped objects are dangerous, what might not be as obvious is just how dangerous they can be. According to Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS), an object that weighs less than three pounds if dropped from a height of 30 feet can be fatal.

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Dropped object prevention guard characteristics:

  • Independently tested and certified
  • Lightweight
  • Flame / flame / chemical resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Non heat conductive
  • Corrosion resistant in harsh environments
  • Minimal wind loading on installed structures
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • No hot work permits required
  • Permanent or temporary installations
  • Recyclable polymers for a greener environment
  • Fast and easy to install and remove
  • No painting or maintenance required
  • Long life compared to steel alternatives

Cablesafe dropped object prevention guard

Dropped object cases

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