Sharp Edges Corner Protect

How to reduce injuries with sharp edges

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Contact with sharp edges is routine in many engineering jobs. Injuries are common:

  1. where people are involved in handling sheet or strip metal;
  2. during work at presses, where small pieces of metal with sharp edges are handled frequently;
  3. following accidental contact with scrap metal, banding or swarf, principally during cleaning and disposal;
  4. by contact with machinery blades, cutters or tools (for example when fitting, removing, cleaning or storing).

“Exposure to sharp steel edges and strapping should be eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable.”  Australian Steel Group Industry 2010

CableSafe Sharp Edges Corner Protect is easily applied. High quality magnets (245 Newton) ensure the corner protect will always stay in place.

CableSafe sharp edge corner protect

CableSafe sharp edge corner protect

Benefits protection against sharp object:

  • High safety level
  • Clear marking
  • Sustainable materials, Reusable
  • Applicable to steel (magnet), wood (Screws)
  • Stackable so space saving
  • Temporary or permanent protection and clear marking

Price 17 EUR | 18 USD

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 cm

Weight 254 grams

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