Dropped Object Prevention Tethered Tool Kits

Certified Tethers prevent dropped objects

Complete with certified tethers and lanyards provide a fully secure, tested and assured system to help eliminate dropped tools when working at height.

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Advantages dropped object prevention toolbox:

  • Available in heavy duty mobile and static tool chest formats.
  • Traceable, patented tool tethers applied to every tool.
  • Premium quality tools for precision work and durability.
  • Hammer and Electrical Extension Drawers available for all tool chests.
  • Customisable drawers and tools to meet specific
  • Produced in the UK. Superior Quality.

dropped object prevention toolkit

Prevent Drops mobile kits

Secured in removable foam lined, waterproof,
‘unbreakable’ Peli cases
Crane Maintenance Kit:    33 tools
Marine Tethered Kit:          54 tools
Offshore Training Kit:        30 tools
Tethered Land Rig Kit:      73 tools

Suitable for service companies working off site, such as on/off-shore drilling rigs. Easily transportable, immediate access to tools, industrial protection.

dropped object prevention tool tether

Prevent Drops tool chests

Secured in foam lined 6-drawer tool chest with
forklift base for easy handling.

Derrick Maintenance Kit:     158 tools
Drillers Kit:                              126 tools
Large Crane Kit:                     99 tools
Mechanical Kit:                     147 tools
Sub Sea Kit:                           135 tools
Electrical Kit:                         165 tools

Developed specifically for larger departments or fixed
installations where greater tool choice trumps mobilitydropped object prevention toolkit

Prevent Drops bespoke kits

Fully customised tool kit contents and layouts to meet almost any application or need can also be provided. Mobile tool kits, Large tool chests, Mini tool boxes and Soft tool pouches/holders.

Our bespoke matching and advice service cuts out unwanted tools, weight, costs whilst ensuring efficiency, usability and safety are maximised

dropped object prevention tool tether